Adebayo Akinfenwa “BeastMode”

So grateful footballer Adebayo Akinfenwa aka “Beast”, took time out to meet me and then show support by posting this on his instagram. @realakinfenwa


“This for me is the true definition of #BeastModeOn. I met this young lady Charlotte Crowl who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 17 on top of that when she started getting treatment she had an extremely rare side affect. One of the drugs paralysed her & she had to learn to talk and walk again. The Doctors didn’t know if it was possible but with positivity and a strong mindset she did it. Her walking & talking is not 100% yet. The book: Cancer The Hidden Truth | The Stuff No One Tells You.

It is a true account of everything She went through on her journey it shows even though She went through it She came out standing. It has sad, funny and happy parts, I would say it’s a real eye opener. You only hear about people dying and surviving but you never hear about the mental and physical struggle, which is what she had tried to convey in the book.

It details her journey from diagnosis through to recovery and beyond. It covers her physical and emotional experiences, which have never before been shared. Its a book to learn and be motivated. 

Available through Amazon kindle and paperback on profits go to vetted cancer charities and projects.

Her insta n twitter @charlottecrowl

Fb she has been in remission for the last 7yrs. #BMO #Inspirational”.