Diarrhoea occurs when liquid is unable to be absorbed by the bowels or extra fluid enters your bowels, which causes faeces to be discharged from the bowels frequently and in a liquid form.

What causes diarrhoea?

  • Viruses/infections

  • Digested toxins

  • Medication side effects

  • Anxiety

  • Symptom of illness or disease


Stomach cramps | Belly bubbling | Sudden Urge to go toilet | Lack of energy | Bloating

Top Tips

  • Stay close to a toilette

  • Keep hydrated as diarrhoea can cause you to loose electrolytes

  • Eat bland foods

  • Banana helps to bind you

  • Stay away from alcohol, caffein, sugary, carbonated drinks and spicy, greasy, processed, refined foods

Recommended Teas & Helpful Herbs

Black tea | Ginger  | Peppermint | Cinnamon | Red raspberry leaf | Nettle | Strawberry | Thyme | Comfrey | Slippery elm | St. John’s-wort