Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea is a feeling you get when the stomach wants to empty itself.

Vomiting is what happens when the stomach is emptying itself.

What causes nausea and vomiting?

  • Irritation of the stomach lining

  • Side effects of medication or medical treatments

  • Signals from the brain caused by senses and emotions

  • Symptoms of other illnesses

  • Infections

  • Pregnancy

  • Ingestion of toxins


Stomach cramps | Mouth watering | Sweating | Lack of energy | Dizziness

Top Tips

  • Avoid alcohol, caffein, carbonated drinks and spicy, greasy, refined, processed, dairy foods

  • Open a window of get some fresh air

  • Surround your self with nice aromas

  • Deep breathing

  • Relax

  • Put a wet flannel on your forehead

  • Eat light and bland foods when you are ready to eat

  • Keep hydrated with water

Recommended Teas & Helpful Herbs

Peppermint | Black | Ginger | Chamomile | Red Raspberry leaf  | Golden Seal | Spearmint